Reliable protection of
your cryptocurrencies
in our depository.
By placing funds and conducting any operations in our bank,
you get a personal underground storage with an armored door
News about breaking in comes every week
Protecting your cryptocurrency is the first thing to worry about!
The vulnerability of cryptocurrency is explained by the fact that there is a private key that allows you to transfer funds from your wallet. You conduct all transactions and pay with the help of the key. The rule is simple – I lost the key – I lost money!

In the case of hot storage the private key is kept at the exchange or at an online service.

Thus, your funds are always at the mercy of hackers.

The main goal of all attacks is to take hold of the private key, which will allow hackers to withdraw funds from your wallet. You can not find it, but steal from inexperienced users – it's elementary!

The issue of blocking accounts on stock exchanges recently has become quite urgent, this happens more often, and the reasons for that can not be always explained.

If you have a big amount of money there, it is absolutely unpleasant to lose the opportunity to use it even for a while (even for a day).
The most common reasons for the loss of cryptocurrency when stored hot are:
- Scam and fraud at the exchange
- Closure of the exchange (as in the recent example with Mt.Gox)
- Hacking of an exchange employees' computers
- Extortive viruses that encrypt data on the computer, including wallets files
- Hacking of individual user accounts at an exchanges and withdrawal of all funds
- Phishing sites, where users get in by ignorance, by inserting an incorrect address in google search and get on a fraudulent site.
- Hacking email users and password reset with an access to an exchange to these email with further output
- Viruses that steal / copy private keys stored on a computer or a connected USB flash drive
With us, your funds are safe
In the case of cold and hardware storage, the transaction is signed inside the cryptochip and is not disclosed to the outside.

We provide safe and secure storage using hardware and cold wallets.

In all other storage options, including wallet on the computer, USB flash drive or a paper wallet, in order to send the transaction, you need to disclose the private key for signing it.

Thus, your funds will be safe, disconnected from the outside world and the ability to steal them.

In the case of cold storage, we use physical safes, where we also store duplicate wallets.
Today the main issue for any user
is the proper storage of his/her cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency does not only give you certain privileges, but also a duty to carefully and correctly store it.
In fact, most acts of fraud and theft could have been prevented, if users of new technology had been more aware.
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