Invest in prospective projects and undervalued assets
Get access to a closed investment
opportunities through the Molniya Invest crowdinvesting program
Welcome to Molniya Invest
We shape an investment pool out of hundreds of deposits of micro-investors and invest in promising projects and undervalued assets with an entry threshold impossible for one private investor.
Ciudad Real cargo airport in Spain. At the stage of commissioning it was estimated at € Later the airport passed the bankruptcy procedure and was bought by a group of investors in 2015 for € 10,000 (10 thousand times cheaper)
The investment process is simple and transparent:
You choose an investment plan and buy the required number of investment tokens in your personal account
The team of professional managers of Molniya Invest form a portfolio depending on the plan you have chosen and make investments for the period you have chosen
You see reports on the results of managing your funds in your account and you can withdraw your income monthly. At the end of the plan, you can withdraw the body of your investment.
The main goal of building the strategy of the Molniya Invest team is to create conditions for safe investment and obtain high profit for investors and the company.
You can be assured of the reliability of your investments, as we observe the balance between risks on them and profitability.
We choose only those investment objects that are thoroughly tested by our team of experts and analysts.
We have prepared various investment plans for you:
We offer you trust management of your funds, which will provide you with income on cryptocurrency growth, investments in undervalued ICOs and start-ups, as well as operations with real economy objects.
You pay only for the result! For the year of 2017 cryptoeconomics (top 30 coins) has grown more than 870 times!
Invest-plans, amount of deposits, terms and profitability*
(12 months)
We invest in «C» objects**
(18 months)
We invest in «B» objects**
(24 months)
We invest in «A» objects**
A $100
from 20% and more
from 30% and more
from 40% and above
B $1.000
from 25% and above
from 35% and above
from 60% and above
C $5.000

from 30% and more
from 45% and above
from 75% and above
D $10.000
from 35% and above
from 60% and above
from 80% and above
* Revenues are indicated in annual interest, they do not constitute a public offer and show the direction "from". The ceiling value of profitability is unlimited and can reach several hundred percent, however, given the high volatility of the market, commissions for converting to fiat currencies and other factors, when planning yields, one should be guided by the above-mentioned "from" table.
** - internal classification of investment objects of Molniya cryptobank, indicating the payback period, riskiness and other factors. "A" Objects are less profitable but more reliable than "C" objects, but in the long run they bring a greater aggregate income.
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How to become a bank customer
We provide our services exclusively to individuals who came on the recommendation of current customers. If you want to become a customer of our bank, contact the office of our local representative in your region.
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