Buy an Asic, Farm or
Token (part of them)
and earn on cryptocurrency
Получайте доход на облачном майнинге,
без необходимости устанавливать и обслуживать оборудование
Money printing press officially has became a reality
Own mine in Moscow
We place the equipment of our cryptobank customers in a mining pool in Moscow.

We give an opportunity to start earning on cryptocurrency mining without having to delve into technical subtleties and solve equipment problems (they happen all the time, especially for those who start from scratch without having a team of specialists and special skills)

By purchasing equipment from us, you save a lot of time and money.

We take care of:
- all technical processes
- costs for equipment installation,
- service maintenance,
- resolving issues with warranty service,
- electricity payment,
- 24-hour monitoring of equipment.

Cryptocurrency will be extracted on X11, Script, Equihash and SHA256 algorithms. In our Rig (farm) and ASIC-miner we use the most advanced chips and GPU chips on video cards with the lowest power consumption.

This service pays income in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Dash and other cryptocurrencies, which will be distributed between holders of Rig (farm) and ASIC-miner several times a day.

On X11, Script, Equihash and SHA256 algorithms our equipment provides the fastest payback period.

Due to the daily income payments in cryptocurrency, each investor will be able to exchange the cryptocurrency received from the cryptocurrency mining he is interested in and store it with the prospect of growth or withdraw into US dollars.

Register in the Molniya club, buy a Rig (farm), ASIC-miner and receive daily income in different currencies.
Invest in your future today!
Start earning on cryptocurrency mining which is constantly growing in price.
While others keep thinking whether or not it is a bubble, an inevitable future or a temporary trend, you can join tens of thousands of people who understand that speed is the main advantage nowadays.
It is very simple to start "printing" money:
You determine your volume of investments for the amount of which you are going to purchase equipment and you buy mining tokens in your personal bank account.
We carry out an examination of what equipment and coins bring the maximum profit at the moment, taking into account trends, we acquire it, add it to the mining pool and give you access to control the effectiveness.
You observe how your incomes grow, withdraw funds into any currencies, invest or buy more equipment.
"Crypto currency –
is gold and oil of the 21st century"
Richard Branson
(British billionaire, founder of the Virgin Group)
+44 208-068-3954
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How to become a bank customer
We provide our services exclusively to individuals who came on the recommendation of current customers. If you want to become a customer of our bank, contact the office of our local representative in your region.
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